How Do I Connect To The Internet


How Do I Connect To The Internet?


Depending on which part of Tianjin or the complex/building you live in, Tianjin offers you varieties of internet service providers. Internet Connection installation is usually handled by your landlord. Suggest you talk to your landlord and see what options you have there for your building/area. Chinese people don’t care too much for internet speed so whenever you move in a house/apartment, makes sure to tell your landlord to apply for the fastest connection package available.


Alternatively check with your neighbors and Management Company (wuye) and see how you can get the fastest connection. Your landlord will call the provider and usually within 2-3 days an engineer shows up at your door and installs the modem and make sure you are connected.


Don’t believe what the providers advertise. When they say 10GB or 20GB internet speed, it usually means max 2MB and you are lucky to have any connection faster 1MB



China Telecom ADSL:

Hotline Number: 10000

More info here: http://www.189.cn/tj/support/FAQ/Mobile/325.html



China Unicom:


Hotline: 10010

More Info here: http://www.10010.com/woFee_order/html/activity_preorder.htm



China TieTong:


Hotline: 10050

More info here: http://www.10050.net/HtmlPage/120000/Category_03.shtml


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