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Rey de Gambas
by Rey de Gambas     
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There's too much work to do,

Oh well we had high expectations truth be told, but the menu was rather appalling, sounded delicious thou, some dishes came for 2, thou we were three, a tiny bug in the wine jar, 2 dishes didn't make it to our table, and the kitchen was off, we were offered some dishes later but it was our time to leave. Didn't want to make a fuss as we were heading for a bd party. The restaurant looked empty with one table occupied by locals, later I smelled cigarette smoke, ( maybe it came from out side, can't tell). Anyway in a nutshell, I love the idea, we need more Mediterranean in town, but there's just too much work:) also I love the idea of you having a foreign waiter, it's lovely, just not sure if you've able to provide a visa and comply with local laws about that matter as this country never heard of "foreign student 20 hour a week part time job". Not recommended

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Benny Written by Benny
May 29, 2017
The place has nice style and good enviroment but the service was very poor. I ordered two different kinds of tapas, two appetizers and two main course, everything was very ordinary with the most of dishes tasteless. The menu doesn't present many choice of food in my opinion, the wine list is better, other drinks in the menu are just one brand of beer, coke and a couple of water. Personally I consider the price high for the quality and the service presented. I think they have to work a lot for improve in this moment.
1 results - showing 1 - 1  
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